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RC19 Enclosed Cabinet

Office, Server and Data Center

RC19 Enclosed Rack Cabinet, is designed for high density servers and networking applications in IT environments; it is compatible with Dell, HP, and IBM servers, as well as computers.

This rack has a vented removable side panel for easy access, and provides passive cooling through front and back vented doors.

We offer many depth  options.

5 year warranty.

SAE 1020, 1.5 to 2.0mm thick steel frame.
Rear base with cable opening.
Rear column with hooks to guide cables on both sides.
Perforated front and rear door.
Bolt-down detachable structure.
Perforated ceiling for inclusion of Ventilation Kit with 02, 04, 06, or 08 fans (optional).





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    SINCE 1998

    Providing Rack Cabinet 19” Solutions

    About RC19”
    The RC19” is a brand of Zampis LLC corporation, which was established in Miami, Florida in 2019. Zampis is the only USA partner of WBX Investimentos, a recognized Brazillian manufacture that provide Data Center Rack Cabinets, Office and Wallmount Rack Cabinets for all Latina America, since 1998.
    Our products are widely used in industrial computing, servers, multimedia production, DVR/surveillance, and telecommunication industries.
    Over the years, we have designed custom Rack Cabinets for many customers. To do that, we are more than 100 dedicated employes, distributed in 5300 square feet area.
    We are able to produce up to 5,000 units of Rack Cabinet per month and our internation logisticts team can delivery all over the world.

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